Comparing those cars to a Smart is a bit ridiculous. They're made for different purposes. You wouldn't tell somebody who's shopping for a tractor to buy a combine harvester instead, even if they're both the same price. The Smart was specifically designed to be as small and manouverable as possible, and if somebody is… » 2/19/15 8:57pm 2/19/15 8:57pm

So I'm still looking at cars for my mum to potentially buy

And the latest Seat Leon Cupra was released not too long ago in my country. Apart from the fact that it's pretty damn ugly it seems like a stonking great car. It's also a proper bargain. One equipped with everything my mum would need (280hp version, manual gearbox, 5 door) and then some would cost under $35 000.… » 2/19/15 6:58pm 2/19/15 6:58pm