Is it me or is the susp. geometry on this Terrano completely shot?

I was playing with the idea of getting a cheap and proper shabby 80's offroader to dunk in the mud (and never, ever wash). This seemed perfect. Inexpensive, modded suspension, looks well beaten up but the owner claims a healthy frame and oily bits. Has a 3 litre petrol engine and a manual gearbox as well. » 4/13/15 7:52am 4/13/15 7:52am

The dent in the roof is not a huge worry. Looks like the structure is intact. Should be reasonably easy to push out and bondo over (the roof being small makes it even easier). Looking at the body, the glass and the brightworks seems to be all there, which is very important - it can be an absolute nightmare to find. » 4/12/15 6:33pm 4/12/15 6:33pm